japan in summer

now I am in Japan in September

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  1. Agustin Garcia says:

    Recently I came in in the japanese tool world… at begining surprised… nowadays I can´t cut wood without my Nokogiris. While I work on my favorite hobby I can´t stop thoughts about ancient knowledge heritage… From some place of Veracruz. I really like your site/blog.
    Kindest regards.

    • Administrator says:

      Hello Agustin
      Thank you for your comment to my newly formed blog on TheJapanBlade. I am sorry I missed your note earlier. I have been to Veracurz in 1974 and lived in the city for about 3 weeks in little hotels. I love the music in the streets and the coffee shops. I know that things have changed in almost 40 years, but my memories are still warm. One lovely thing about Japan is that there is still a lot of rural and small town culture including many people growing their own food and helping each other. I know that this is also true in southern Mexico. Glad that you are using nokogiri, keep up the good work, warmly yours in California, Alex

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Jerry
    I am sorry I missed your comment to my blog two months ago. I was just beginnng to use it and did not know how to read the comments. This trip to Japan was very relaxing but we did have some moments with the typhoons #1 & #2 that made landfall while we were there. Lots of news stones in stock now if you are still interested. With best regards, Alex

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